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Galvanic coating

From the first quarter of 2018 Aviateh-M Ltd. will be able to ful fill orders for galvanic coating of parts. At the moment we provide galvanic coating services by cooperation. The following services will be available for Customer starting from 2018 year:


Carbon steel

Aluminium and its alloys

Copper and its alloys Titanium
Cadmium Plating (6-18 μm)  +  +
Zinc Plating (6-18 μm)  +  +
Phosphate Plating  +
Copper Plating (3-18 μm)  +  +
Chrome Plating (до 1 μm)  +  +
Sulfuric Acid Anodizing (10-50 μm)  +  +
Nickel Plating  + +


Maximum dimensions of coated parts: 600Х700Х600 mm

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